Two Thousand and Fourteen

I know it is already February 2015, but if I recall my memories of 2014, I would say it was a wonderful year. I mean the whole 2014 – from January to December. I am not good at words, but it was such a beautiful year so that I need to write about it here..

January gave me love and best friends
February showed me how to care and to be cared
March taught me to not be selfish and be more understanding
April taught me to be patience and wiser
May made me realized of how much I love my friends and how I will miss all of them
June granted my dream to see a different world
July made me the happiest and most grateful person
August introduced me to new friends and interests
September allowed me to be brave
October brought me to a quarter century life
November taught me to be more confident
December taught me to trust myself more and not be afraid to face the future

Terimakasih Tuhan untuk 2014, semoga 2015 akan menjadi tahun indah lainnya.

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