Singapore and Malaysia Trip

It was Wednesday evening in Jakarta. From dozen of thousands feet above the sea level, I saw the sky was between orange and purple. The sun has just made its way to another part of the earth. I was leaving my country for the first time. Nope, not that far. Just one and a half hour flight.

Feb 26 – 10.30 PM (GMT+8), arrived at the Singapore airport. Changi was amazing: low light, soft floor, calming, and wide. Like really wide. And full of stores. Had almost mistaken it with a mall. Yep. Candy stores, fashion stores, books, foods, name it. Also parks! They have parks inside. And outside. Free games! Computer games, PS3, XBox. Free cinema! There is this theatre with wide single sofa and you can sit there all day. Lastly, snooze room. Lots of long chairs for those who arrived so late at the Changi and need some rest.

Feb 27 – 09.00 AM, arrived at the Gracelodge, Upper Paya Road. Cannot check in at the hostel yet. Only put on bags and took a shower. Then leaving to Universal Studios Singapore! MRT and a bus would do the transportation.

Feb 27 – 01.00 PM, arrived at the Sentosa Island. Go straight to the USS and saw the big famous spinning universe with big “Universal Studios Singapore” written on it. Took some photos. Then got entered into the park. Inside, it was amazing. So well decorated. It’s like you need to take pictures every where. Took a map then started to explore the games. I’m not going to mention every games played there, which almost all of them. Ok, since the biggest roller coaster was off at that time, so, best game: Mummy roller coaster. Cutest game: Sesame street’s spaghetti. Best drink: Starbucks (the weather was super hot so you need to drink some to make you feel better). When you’re there, you have to take pictures with Universal Studios’ characters! They will come at certain times and you have to wait for them. One chance. And the minions are super cool there, long line, prepare yourself. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs, they’re pretty expensive so be prepared too.

Feb 27 – 08.00 PM, arrived at the Merlion Park. It was so good. Especially after fun and tiring day at the USS. Had a seat, while observing other tourists took pictures, laughing, talking in many languages. Not long after, there was this laser show from the top of Marina Bay Sands. If you have a good camera, take some pictures. If you don’t, just like me, take a seat and enjoy the lights.

Feb 28 – 10.00 AM, arrived at the Orchard Road. Malls everywhere! Didn’t buy many things, just some notebooks at the Typo (heaven for scrapbook or stationary geeks, 435 Orchard Road, Wisma Atria) and chocolates at the Lucky Plaza.

Feb 28 – 01.00 PM, arrived at the Bras Basah street. Lovely street. Took some pictures at the Singapore Art Museum. If you love art, then you should go there. Also went to Bras Basah Complex, and there is this graphic book store at the forth floor, Basheer, it was heaven.

Feb 28 – 03.00 PM, arrived at the China Town. Stores everywhere! Traditional stores with traditional merchandise. And there is a rare Tin Tin souvenir shop there. You can go buy a postcard for $1, or buy the expensive but worth because they’re super cool toys.

Feb 28 – 08.00 AM, arrived at the Arab Street. Only ate one cheese bread (kind of) and one glass of hot teh tarik. Taste of heaven. Then went to the mosque: quiet pray, good weather, cold floor, clean restrooms, and fresh water.

Ok so that is the journey of two nights and two days at the Singapore. Full of memories. I went there with my four friends. And we went to Malaysia at the midnight (right after the Arab Street). We took a bus, only about 1 hour, then arrived at the Johor. Tough time at the bus terminal, Johor. Need to choose a bus at a very late night, with bus agents who were so persuasive about their buses. Six hours road trip to the Kuala Lumpur. Arrived at the bus terminal, continued by train to another friend’s place. Quick review for Malaysia trip: we went to KLCC Surya Mall, and iCity’s snow walk at Mar 1. At Mar 2, went to Melaka at day and Bukit Bintang at the evening. Mar 3, went to Batu Caves, KLCC Surya Mall, Petronas, then went to KL international airport to take the flight home.

Thank you for reading. I sure will go to another place someday. Traveling is addicting. Can’t wait for my second. But most of all, I love, love, love my traveling friends – Mba Manda, Andre, Angga, Ifah – and I care about them so much. Thank you Cindy for letting us stay at your place. Pictures will be posted soon hopefully.

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