Running around Kista, Stockholm

I know it has been months since my last running. And I’ve never planned to run during my stay in Stockholm. But you see, the second day of me in Stockholm, there was the Stockholm Marathon. And every day I go outside, I will see people in running shoes, and they are running. How can I resist?

Before I tell you how can I run while I didnt bring my running shoes from Jakarta, I will tell you how did I get to feel like, I have to run. Few days after the Stockholm Marathon, my boss came to me and said “I think I saw you on the Stadion, watching the Stockholm Marathon”. I haven’t met my Stockholm colleagues yet, on the Stockholm Marathon day, so I didn’t know that he was my boss. And then I got shocked, OMG. Chatting here and there and then I told him I used to run last year. And he told why don’t you go to run here? Then I said, I didn’t bring my running shoes and he was like “it is not an excuse!”.

Another chat on the office’s summer party. The dinner table was talking about sport, running, how good running is, and how people in Stockholm love running. I feel like, I have to run. Haha.

So I went to Stockholm Quality Market, visiting the Nike Factory Store. It’s a good time to buy something because there are lots of summer sales. I bought Nike shoes (which I have always been wanted since the first time I ran but they are always expensive). They were probably more expensive than their prices in Jakarta, or the same price? I don’t know. But they are always expensive anyway. So I bought a pair of them.

Photo Jun 15, 5 06 07 PM

First time I tried to wear the shoes were to walk around the Kista office park. I heard that Kista is known as the Stockholm’s Sillicon Valley. So I went walking about 6k taking pictures of Adobe’s office (one of my dream office), Oberthur Technologies (my old lovely office), lots of Ericsson buildings, and so many other IT offices. The best building was Kistamässen, it was so shining, literally.

Photo Jun 16, 7 07 50 PM

Photo Jun 16, 6 53 37 PM (1)

Photo Jun 16, 7 20 46 PM

Second time I wore the shoes, was really running (slow running) around the Kista forest. It was so quiet and a bit scary for me, hahaha. I only ran about 3k. And I found out that running in Stockholm would make runny nose. Even when it is summer, the sun shines so bright, it is still chilly.


It was an amazing experience. I mean I don’t know if I can get any chances to run in Stockholm again in the future..
:D #MariLari

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  1. yani
    yani July 1, 2014 at 10:34 pm | | Reply

    mana poto kantor lama :P

  2. nadhilah
    nadhilah July 4, 2014 at 1:02 pm | | Reply

    cepat pulang, rendang menunggu;-)

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