My First Half Marathon

It was 5 a.m. in the morning. Thousands of people in Monas start their first step towards the half and full marathon route. It was a festive atmosphere. My three friends (full marathon) and I (half marathon) were in the middle of that crowd, we were excited and talking about everything we saw; the street, the buildings, and the runners. Five kilometers passed, we took our first drink at the water station and started to run again. We ran through the Gajah Mada street, then around the Fatahillah Museum square.

First check point at 7k. We were starting to talk less, settled the running pace, and passing through the Hayam Wuruk street. I usually run slower then my friends pace, but they were still supporting me to keep up with the pace :D  At 8k and 9k, I felt exhausted. I started to walk-run-walk until before the 10k I felt dizzy and the lights are like being dimmed. I finally bye-d my friends, and sit for a minute at the sidewalk. Then I stood up and run slower. I wished I could run with them until the half and full route separation at Imam Bonjol street. But I couldn’t. I started to walk-run-walk again, just by myself now.

I arrieved at the Katedral church – Istiqlal Mosque route, it felt good because there were many trees and the road wasn’t too wide. I started to self-motivate myself at that time lol. I listened to Bloc Party’s Silent Alarm. Felt stronger when the Price of Gas, Banquet, and Helicopter were played. Should put both earpods when Helicopter was playing because they use different guitar sound on each earpod \m/

So then it comes the 15k mark at Medan Merdeka street. My brain complained something like “no way I’m just about to entering Thamrin street and still need to run until Bundaran HI, it’s so far”. I was entering the Car Free Day route at that time, the street was full of people. I looked over the other half and full marathon runners if I was still with them. And yes there were still many so I followed them. I saw some elite full marathon runners who are about to finish and felt moved. I had to finish this!

I passed the Thamrin street and turning to Imam Bonjol street at the Bundaran HI. Then I saw the IndoRunners team who gave support for the runners. They showed many motivated and funny quotes. I laughed a little and felt happy all of a sudden. I ran again until I did the U-turn back to Bundaran HI. Almost 20k, my feet are sore. I started to imagine how I will fall my body down the ground and drink bottles of water at the finish line. I also met a friend in front of the EX plaza, she didn’t run the race, but she gave me support so I ran again :D

I felt so grateful when arriving at the fountain in front of the Indosat building, just a few hundred meters away before the finish line. I followed another half marathon runner until the finish line. Felt so relieved! I did my first half marathon in more than three hours. But what matters is that I finished it. Alhamdulillah :D

I can’t imagine my friends who were still running for their full marathon while the weather is getting sunny and hot. They’re so great. While waiting for them to finish, I rested at the sidewalk, chatted with a friend who had finished his half marathon too, met my mother and have a meal. Respect for my full marathon friends!


(on the picture: me – manda – angga – and andre who took the picture)

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