Lost in Stockholm (Chapter 2 of 2)

Hej! So, where was it, Sunday 1st of June on Tyresta National Park. The next few days I didn’t go too much, I went to Gamla Stan again. There I saw a cool store called “Science Fiction Bokhandeln”. Any science fiction you name it, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, The Big Bang Theory. I’m not really a fan so I just know a few. But you find everything here from books, dvds, comics, tshirts, souvenirs, harry potter’s wand, or video games. Ok continue.. I also went to Bibliotek Plattan at Kulturhuset. I don’t speak Swedish (yet) so I was there just for few minutes.

Picture of the Science Fiction BokhandelnPicture of the inside of Bibliotek Pattlan
Picture of book in the Bibliotek Pattlan

So here are the best parts.

“Du gamla, du fria, du fjällhöga Nord, du tysta, du glädjerika sköna!” – (You are old, you are free, you mountainous North, you are quiet, you joyful beauty!). The man opened the stage with Sweden National anthem, and two people waving a large Sweden flag behind him. It is 6 of June and the Swedish celebrate their national day. Many museums and castels are open for free. People sell the blue and yellow Swedish flags, badges, souvenirs, also snacks and drinks.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Kungsträdgården – Around a quarter to 10 AM, my friends and I met at the Kungsträdgården Tunnelbana (train station). We are heading to the Royal Palace to visit some museums. Our first goal was to see the Princess opens the palace but I guess we were late so yeah. Well the streets are still so quiet anyway around this hour. It was a few minutes walk from Kungsträdgården to the Royal Palace, and we passed a nice park too.

Picture of the Kungsträdgården Tunnelbana
Picture of the explanation of Kungsträdgården’s architecture
Picture of a statement between Stockholm and Vienna about good water
Picture of Karl XII:s torg (Charles XII’s Square)
Picture of flowers and trees at the park
Picture of the fountain of Johan Peter Molin

The Royal Palace – After a few walks through the bridge from Kungsträdgården Tunnelbana we arrived at the Royal Palace. It was huge palace in the middle of Gamla Stan and it is where the Royal family works. From the outside you can see this there are gates in front of the building, and when you get inside, you can see flowers, stone floor, green grass, trees, and staircase right in front of the main door. When you got inside the main door, walked few steps and then you would get into this middle of the building, where you can see the square Royal Palace is around you.

Picture of Royal guards in front of the Royal Palace
Picture of the Royal Palace’s gates
Picture of the Royal Palace’s front park
Picture taken from the middle of the square Royal Palace
Picture taken from the middle of the square Royal Palace, the panorama
Picture of the Royal Palace’s march!

The first place I went there, was the Gustav III:s antikmuseum. So here is an explanation from stockholmgamlastan.se:

“Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities is located in the northeast wing of the Royal Castle and is one of the oldest museums in Europe. It opend the first time 1794. It includes approx. 200 sculptures that King Gustav III purchased during his trip to Italy 1783-1784.

In 1792 King Gustav III started a museum, The Royal Museum, to display statues and other items he bought during his trip to Italy 1783-1784. This first museum was located where the Bernadotte Library is today but was only intended as a temporary solution before his new castle in Haga (North of Stockholm) was completed. King Gustav III did however die before the castle was completed and in fact it was never completed and still is not. In 1793 the new King Karl XIII decied to move the museum to the present facilities where you still find it today.”

Picture of the Gustav museum tittle boardPicture of the inside museum 1
Picture of the inside museum 2

Too bad I didn’t take pictures of their statues’ names :( so anyway..

So next place I visited in Royal Palace was the Livrustkammaren - the Royal Armoury museum

” The Royal Armoury illustrates the history of Sweden’s monarchs from Gustav Vasa (1496-1560) up until the present day with arms and armours, magnificent gold-embroidered robes from royal weddings and coronations, as well as a number of elegant state coaches.

Here you will also find historic items such as the blood-stained shirts and buff jerkin which Gustavus Adolphus was wearing when he was killed in the battle at Lützen (Germany) in 1632. The costume worn by Gustavus III when he was assassinated at a masqued ball at the Royal Opera in 1792 is also on display, as is the uniform worn by Charles XII when he was killed in the trenches at Fredrikshald (Norway) in 1718.”

– according to livrustkammaren.se

Picture of the horse soldier’s armor
Picture of the Queen’s ring
Picture of the Royals’ uniforms
Picture of some weaponsss!
Picture of the price of love, between love and politics

The Drottningholm Palace – Now we’re getting into here, the King and Queens permanent home residence. A quick summary of Drottningholm Palace (taken from kungahuset.se)

“Drottningholm Palace is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. It is the most well-preserved royal castle built in the 1600s in Sweden and at the same time is representative of all European architecture for the period.

The combination of the exotic Chinese Pavilion pleasure palace, the palace theatre and the magnificent palace gardens make a visit to Drottningholm a unique experience.

Influenced by French prototype, the palace was built by architect Nicodemus Tessin the Elder by commission of Queen Hedvig Eleonora. A number of royal personages have since then left their mark on the palace.”

When I went there, I just couldn’t stop aww-ing. You can see, there is this huge park with fountains, flowers, trees, lakes, ducks! It is summer in Stockholm – then you can also see people sitting under the tree, kids running around, playing with the ducks, and so on.

Picture of the prince’s boat in front of the palace
Picture of the lake in front of the palace
Picture of the palace
Picture of the palace behind the statue in the park
Picture of the trees!
Picture of what a huge land!
Picture of a kid playing with the ducks
Picture of horses taking tourists around
Picture of the view of the palace from the park’s side

There are lots of pavilions on Drottningholm, but what makes me interested the most was the Chinese Pavilion, I cannot make it inside because it’s already closed, no problem! The view from the outside is too awesome.

Picture of the Chinese Pavilion
Picture of the Chinese Pavilion again

It was so nice walking around the castles in Stockholm, I hope I could see more castles some day. So.. Happy Sweden National Day!~


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