Lost in Stockholm (Chapter 1 of 2)

“Du gamla, du fria, du fjällhöga Nord, du tysta, du glädjerika sköna!” – (You are old, you are free, you mountainous North, you are quiet, you joyful beauty!). The man opened the stage with Sweden National anthem, and two people waving a large Sweden flag behind him. It is 6 of June and the Swedish celebrate their national day. Many museums and castels are open for free. People sell the blue and yellow Swedish flags, badges, souvenirs, also snacks and drinks.

Wait. I should have told this from the very beginning. So Friday 30 May 2014, 00.10 AM, I flew from Jakarta – Indonesia to Stockholm – Sweden, with a 4 hour transit in Doha, Qatar. It was a nice flight. Dinner and breakfast were prepared at the first flight (Jakarta to Doha). Another breakfast and lunch are prepared at the second flight (Doha to Stockholm). Lots of movies are available throughout the flights, also rock music playlist throughout the second flight! I enjoyed it, yeaah. In total it took about 18 hours until arriving at Stockholm. So here are some pictures.. (click on the title of the picture, it will open on the new tab)

Picture of my purple backpack in front of the Giant Bear of Doha Airport
Picture of giant lego tree in Doha Airport

I stay in Kista, about 15 minutes from T-Centralen using the blue line. Yees, I live in the “Sillicon Valley” of Sweden! What took my interest the most is Adobe, oh yeah. I love Adobe Photoshop. Ok so lots of IT companies are located in Kista. When I leave Kista in the morning to my office in Centralen, IT guys are arriving at Kista from everywhere. The office that I work for is also an IT company but many of its clients are located in Centralen so. Both ways, I love Sweden.

So I didn’t do much once arriving in Stockholm at Friday (30 May) evening, bought some chocolates and walking around supermarkets with my friends whom are living in Stockholm for long enough. Now I’m going to write about my first (full) day at Stockholm!

Saturday, 31 May 2014
Gamla Stan (Old Town), it is just one station away from T-Centralen. This place is so beautiful, so attractive especially for tourists. You can see old buildings, uphill and down, with classic brick floor, souvenir stores and cafes. The buildings have architectural style of Late Renaissance in the 16th century to Art Novou in the 20th century (according to www.stockholmgamlastan.se). I haven’t finished all walking route of Gamla Stan, I’ll go there again maybe few days ahead. So..

Picture of cafes around Gamla Stan
Picture of Tyska kyrkan (German Chruch) in Gamla Stan
Picture of the Nobel Museum in Gamla Stan
Picture of Cookiedough Ice Cream in front of some Gamla Stan buildings

The Stockholm Marathon, it was held on 31 May 2014. Beside going to Gamla Stan, I was also watching the Marathon, yep not a participant. I haven’t been running in a long time! I should go running again :(

Picture of announcement board of the Stockholm Marathon in Stadion
Picture of the starting line
Picture of so many participants and supporters!
Picture of the forth (or third or fifth?) winner

Sunday, 1 June 2014
Tyresta National Park – “is something so remarkable as a large pristine forest just twenty kilometres south of Stockholm’s centre. The park provides the opportunity for long walks in a landscape of ancient trees, strongly-scented marshes and beautiful lakes. It is a place where visitors can experience the silence of the primeval forest, with its characteristic plants and animals.” – (according to www.naturvardsverket.se). So if you enjoy nature, you have to go here. I walked about 13km in Tyresta and enjoyed it so much.

Picture of a lake in Tyresta
Picture of ducks sun bathing by the lake
Picture of people using the route for bike-cycling and running
Picture of some horses

Well, two days and so many beautiful spots. Can’t continue everything on this post, so stay tune for “Lost in Stockholm” chapter 2!

credits for my Indonesian Stockholm friends :D

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