Le Printemps de la Musique

Spring break! Well it’s not spring in where I live, but who cares. That thumbnail picture for this post as you can see, is a park located in central Jakarta. The picture was taken yesterday, after the rain on Saturday afternoon at Taman Suropati. I went there by myself enjoying the atmosphere, the smell of the wet land. Then I took a 15 minutes walk to Stasiun Sudirman, walking under the big trees in Menteng, and passing some cute unadopted puppies at Latuharhary street. So even though it’s not spring here, the transition between rainy to dry season is also good. But of course I want to feel the real spring too, especially in Paris? :p Well anyway, today I decided to share some of my favourite songs which I’ve been listening to for the past weeks, and also.. a radio, and an awesome cover I found in Youtube! This is gonna be cool.



Before I begin, I wanted to tell you that the list is not ordered from least best to best or vice versa. It’s totally all the songs I love. I also link each songs to iTunes so you can listen or maybe buy them (while links on the pictures, will bring you to the image source). Sooo here we go~

1. Uptown Funk // Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars


I started to really like this song a couple of months ago. I went out karaoke-ing with by best friends singing and dancing to this song and I think it was the best song we played at that time. Now I can’t stop listening to it.


2. Wasting My Young Years // London Grammar


London Grammar is a British trio formed by Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman and Dominic ‘Dot’ Major. The band is into pop/electronica/indie genre, and originally formed in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom. Their debut EP Metal & Dust was released in February 2013 while their debut album If You Wait was released on September 2013. If You Wait has been certified platinum in Australia and the UK, shipping over 70,000 and 300,000 copies respectively (I got this facts from Wikipedia :P). Anyway, Wasting My Young Years is the first song I hear from London Grammar, I love to listen this song while working at the office <3 I like another song from them called Hey Now but this Wasting My Young Years is still my favourite. Oh and I just found out that the members are in their mid-twenties too just like me, I feel connected to them, lol. But seriously, I think I will listen to their other songs.


3. Got to Belong // Natas Loves You


Natas Love You is a band originated from France. Why do I love this song? Because this song is somehow so catchy and singable and different from other French songs that I listen to lately. I just love to listen to different kind of music! And I also found them playing this song on acoustic, it was so cool. You can watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96NLUsAUMgw.


4. Jungle // Emma Louise


When you listen to the intro of this song, it’s like you want to dance automatically, love it. Anyway, Emma Loiuse is a 21 year old singer-song writer from Australia. I know this song from a French radio, isn’t that awesome.


5. R U Swimming // Mademoiselle K


It’s a fast beat pop song, if I have to say. Listening to this song makes me sing and dance automatically. I think I’ll listen to this song when going for a run. I also love to listen to the hit-hat sound this song creates. Coolness overload.


6. Alone // Selah Sue


Random fact about Selah Sue is she was born in 1989, just like meeh <3 I love her eyes and her style. And of course this awesome song sang by her. If you keep reading this blog post, you’ll find a link to an awesome remix of this song ;)


7. I Bet My Life // Imagine Dragons


I think this song is about someone regretting their relationship with a person, how he neglected someone so important in his life that he’s sorry for what he’s done. Despite of its deep lyrics, I mostly love this song because when listening to it, it makes me want to ruunnn so fast especially in the chorus part lol.


8. Superheroes // The Script


Mabye you have listen to this song over and over, so do I. But this is such a great song, it’s so nice to sing to. If you have seen the music video, you’ll love this song more. You can see a man, leaves his daughter every morning to go to work. He wears a nice suit to make his daughter proud, but he changes it once he arrives at the workplace. Turns out he’s just a garbage collector, an unconventional profession which is often underestimated by people. The video is so hurtful, he is such a superhero.


9. La Vague // Izia


This is a kind of song you would love to hear when you’re running. It’s so catchy that you’ll never get bored dancing to. I totally cannot stop listening to this song <3


10. Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy // The Dø


The Dø is a French/Finnish indie pop band founded a while ago, in 2005. This is the first song I listened to and it is so cool. I love this song more when watching them playing this song with another awesome French band but I won’t spoiler about it, you’ll read it in “best cover” section <3


11. Lettre à Zoé // Fauve


This song is pretty different from other songs I mentioned earlier. It is a rap song. But it’s still from French, I don’t know what the song means, I just love French, and when it’s a rap, I’ll love it even more, lol. But of course, it’s a catchy song too.


12. Gravity // Hooverphonic



Gravity controls, gravity controls, the way we’re falling
Gravity controls, gravity controls, the way we sink
We’re floating into space, floating into space
So boy..
Why don’t you kiss me?

And the last best song I listen to recently is.. GRAVITY. This song is played from a Belgian band formed in 1995 (it’s been a while!), Hooverphonic. Listening this song makes me imagine a dramatic scene in an action movie, seriously. And the lyrics, I just love it.




BAC FM // Ça te dérouille les oreilles! – You’ll probably notice some of the songs I love up there are French songs. How can I know those songs? I don’t even live there. Actually last year, I found a huge links to European radio, and since J’ADORE FRANCE, I click on random pop/rock radio link and I found this radio. Now I listen to this radio almost every day during my work hour <3



Lastly to complete the list.. I present the best youtube band cover pour ce printemps *drumrolls* Le Comité Des Reprises! Originated from France (France alert again), formed by PV Nova and Waxx, and they are just so cool and talented. I mean, they change position on every covers. Sometimes Nova plays the guitar, sometimes he sings, plays the piano, etc. So does Waxx, he plays guitar, and then plays drums in the next cover, sometimes he plays bass. I just love this random thing in a band, changing position, lol. Here are two of my favourite covers which I also mentioned in previous best songs:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gzcla2CKud0 // Selah Sue “Alone”
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDJRtzdTBhk // The Dø “Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy”


Let me know what do you think of this list and tell me what music do you listen to recently~ ;)

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