Awesome Speech by Ashton Kutcher

“Dude, Where’s My Car?” was the first Ashton Kutcher’s movie that I have ever watched. He starred together with Seann William Scott and they were hilarious. That was the beginning I started to like Ashton (come on, he’s tall and funny!). Nine years after the movie creation, in 2009, twitter was going big. Ashton was one of its famous users with the most followers, one million! (of course I am one of them). Not to compared with current condition though – Justin Bieber has more than 60 million followers today. So, I’m not really watching all of Ashton’s movies nor following all news about him. But I think he started to be serious in start ups and computer stuff ever since, like investing in start ups company or creating his own (A+). He starred as Steve Jobs in 2013 and then at the same year he joined Lenovo as its Product Engineer. Recently, he made a speech in Lenovo’s event in Australia. He talks about the best questions, entrepreneurship, and technology. I think his speech was amazing.

First he talked about dumb question. Our mother used to say there is no such thing as dumb question. Maybe she told us that to encourage us to ask many things and to be brave when we were kids. But other people says that dumb question is questions that you can answer by yourself with slightly more effort. So what question is not dumb then, when we can google the question and find the answer within seconds? – now this question made me wonder. Ashton then explained his definitions about great question very well in the speech.

He also talked about his personal question asked to his friends – “what is the best advice has ever told to you?”. I specifically love the answer given from Taylor Swift, she wrote it through email to Ashton. It says “Keep your hopes high and your expectations low. You are not entitled to anything, but there is nothing that you can’t earn, and most importantly, enthusiasm can protect you from absolutely anything.” That is an awesome advice, I will remember that.

The idea behind great questions is actually led to technology and entrepreneurship. Successful entrepreneurs must have asked great questions so that they can create innovations to solve the world’s problems. And if we are talking about the fast growing of technology nowadays, what is next? Ashton admitted that he is often confused to answer this question. It’s because most of the time when an idea suddenly come to our mind – we google it and turns out that there is already some one out there who thought about it and solved it. But once again, Ashton comes out with a great answer about what is next – it’s about helping our countries, helping the government to provide their citizen with better place and environment. It’s also about the smart spaces, multimodal interaction, and robots. He encourage us all to create better technologies to be used in those aspects. I think he’s right.

So anyway, watch his talk session here:

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