— 19 December 2014 // Update —

I’m designing a new theme so meanwhile this blog is using a template I got from WordPress. Stay tune~

— 23 October 2013 // Creation —

Hello! My name is Ev (or if you know me personally I am usually called Vani :p ). This is my first wp theme ever – still so far from good – but I would like to thank ThemeShaper and Line25 for making it happened, I learned a lot from them. But, this theme is only supported in chrome (desktop) for now..

This website is made for me to mess around and learn things. This is where I post stuff I created or I find interesting – like web and graphic design, music and guitar, and also running. So anyway..


I live a normal life commuting with train from Depok – five days a week – to an IT company in Jakarta.


I studied in Faculty of Economics but continued to Faculty of Computer Science in an university in Depok.


I (usually) run every Thursday night and Sunday morning. Still new to running.


I love milk tea and cappuccino.


I always dream on traveling the world, working abroad as a web designer or a musician, live in different places.. And have a happy family~

I guess that is all about me right now, enchanté! =)

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